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About Loft Uniforms

Loft Uniforms was founded in 1991 as a Canadian, family-owned business. Since then, it has specialized in school uniforms and currently outfits over 30,000 students every year.

Loft Uniforms has grown steadily throughout the years, beginning with its first school of 1200 students. Today, it proudly serves over 100 institutions including public and private schools, daycares, athletic organizations, summer camps and restaurants.

While changing economies have geared many companies towards substituting production overseas, our company strongly supports local business by keeping 80% of its production within Canada.

The solid reputation of Loft Uniforms has been built on its dedication to excellent service, quality garments and competitive prices. In fact, this triangle of success has become the company's motto. Our products are specifically designed by a qualified team who take students' comfort, modern trends, durability and easy maintenance into consideration.

Many years later, the fundamental business values that brought this small business venture to the pinnacle of Quebec's school uniform industry are still implemented in daily operations: strong family support, the perseverance to keep improving, the commitment to manufacture products the company is proud to sell and strong ties with our community.



Loft Uniforms
6744 rue Hutchison
Montréal, Québec, H3N 1Y4

T: (514) 270-6044
F: (514) 270-6616
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